How do you generate the revenue you need to grow your festivals? 


WePop are a West London based events agency who have been operational for 8 years.  Their main focus previously was on pop up bars at events around the UK. This has grown over the last 2 years to include the full management of the event itself.  Their aim is to grow their UK events and festivals attracting serious brands & promoters to finance their growth & increase profit. Some of the events Wepop run are Windsor Tea Party Festival, Henley Royal Regatta Foodfest, Reading Urban Beach and Guildford Pop up Village


A clear plan was developed at year 1 to focus on building brand awareness for year 2. Place experts developed a marketing strategy and collateral to send out to all Place Experts contacts. These included brands, branding agencies, commercial and charity promotional event clients and on-site concession clients.  The aim of this was to create a buzz and generate interest which would lead to revenue generation for the event


Henley Regatta

Place Experts sourced two promotional activities and food concessions for Henley Regatta working the entire event, contributing to the full event cost.

Reading Urban Beach

Place Experts achieved sponsorship from a blue-chip brand for the beach alongside on-site promoters for the entire three weeks and a traditional Ice Cream concession.  This meant that 100% of the beach costs were met.

Windsor Tea Party 2017

Place Experts provided concessions for the festival with a request to book for the next 5 years.  

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Repeat bookings on both sponsorship and concessions for 2018

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Increase in branding activity

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Increase in sponsorship

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Increase in concession sales

Katy Carlisle