How do you create a sustainable direct route to market?


Riverford Farm are a Devon based organic Farm who offer a food box delivery service nationally.  They achieve this by maintaining a number of organic farms at strategic points across the UK along with a franchisee operation. New business comes from online marketing and face to face subscription sales. The aim is to grow the face to face sales operation and reduce cost per acquisition. This ensures their direct route to market is profitable and sustainable.


From the out-set we matched our venues to Riverford’s target demographic, looking closely at cost per venue and negotiating with space owners to drive costs down.  Cost per acquisition is a main focus. Working hard to ensure venues that were not producing a viable cost per acquisition were managed effectively to bring them in line with figures achieved, we were able to ensure that all venues worked by Riverford are profitable. Working closely with Riverford we identified areas for growth and carried out a research campaign to source new venues at the best price point in these areas.  We created a full marketing pack with Riverford designed to reduce negativity from town centres and particularly from market traders who felt threatened by Riveford’s offering.  


Since partnering with Place Experts Riverford Farm have doubled their marketing teams.  Place Experts now operate as the sole provider of promotional space for Riverford Farm nationally. Our collaboration means that Riverford are achieving consistently competitive rates which enable continued growth. We also ensured that cost per acquisition stays low.

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Increased direct sales activity

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Reduced cost per venue

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Increased venue solutions

Katy Carlisle