Why the High Street is still a positive place to interact with customers

While online shopping and out of town shopping centres do compete, the UK High Street still commands impressive footfall across the whole country making it a great option for connecting with a diverse range of customers. Whether people are walking past on their way to work, doing some shopping, meeting up with family or friends, visiting the doctors, dentists or opticians, or simply passing by in a bus or car, the traditional high street is a great place to get noticed.

A non-traditional approach

While a traditional shop front on the high street may not be the answer for all businesses, there may be options available on any high street and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find there. Working with a space consultancy like Place Experts means you get insight into new and exciting high street options that you may never have considered on your own.


High Street Opportunities

The British high street has a wealth of opportunities to connect your business, brand, product or service with diverse and engaged foot traffic passing by on a regular basis. Many local councils spend time and money promoting their community centres and have festivals and events throughout the year to bring businesses, community initiatives and the local population together. This gives opportunities for brands and businesses to promote themselves to a range of audiences right on their doorstep. By utilizing unused and dead space for pop up shops or pop up events, concession space at local events, festivals and shopping centres you are creating visibility in thriving retail centres at a fraction of the rental cost of a retail premises.

Local Partnering

If your brand already has a presence on the high street, for example your product is already in a local store, then we can create a partnership event.  We work with you and the store to host a pop up event, creating a fun and engaging experience that is also measurable. If you are a local restaurant you may want to have a street food pop up with a discount offering to book a table at your restaurant. If you are a car manufacturer we can set up a car display arranging test drives linking to local dealerships. If you are an artist, partner with a local gallery to do an artist take over weekend with events, workshops or talks. You just have to tailor your brand to the locality and have some fun with the ideas.


More than a Pop Up

The pop up event has now become an easily understandable concept on the modern high street and can create anticipation and a real buzz about a business or brand. It can become a talking point and a destination for a short period of time. Pop Up events and concessions can be longer than a few days or weeks, you can possibly source a space for up to a year or more if you are promoting a brand or service.

Pop up retail spaces on the high street can offer products or services for sale, they are great places to carry out product sampling, information giving or gathering, field marketing for a new product or service. Sourcing a high street retail venue for a charity event is also a great way to engage with the local community and raise awareness and support for a good cause. The uses for unoccupied space on the high street are many.  This will generate revenue for local communities and can be tailored to your business, product or brand to make a big impact in one location or as part of a roadshow on high streets across the UK.

If you want to get your brand, product or service out to a wider UK audience then talk to Place Experts about the most effective way to promote your business on the UK high street. Visit us at www.placeexperts.co.uk

Rita O'Loughlin