Who Benefits from a Concession Stand in a Shopping Centre?

Face to face interactions are one of the best ways to showcase your product or brand and often there is no better way to reach your target demographic than at a Shopping Centre. And it works both ways, shoppers love seeing new brands, products or ideas while they do their normal shopping and appreciate the effort brands go to, to make their stands interesting and interactive.

In fact, any kind of business you can think of could benefit from a concession stand at a shopping centre, and more and more businesses are taking up that option. Here are a few ways business can use shopping centre concession stands to their advantage:

The Food Concession

From vegetarian, vegan and juice stores to burger bars and Mexican eating experiences, it’s amazing how the humble food stand has grown in popularity over the last four or five years into a real foodie experience and shopping centre concessions are at the forefront of that.

Product Launches

Want to raise awareness? Would you like to give a live demonstration of how your product works to your target demographic? A concession stand is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Shopping centres and even some large stores often offer a concession space that if utilised the right way can be extremely successful for your brand.


Market Research

Another option that’s becoming increasingly popular is the market research stand. There’s no better place to find out what people think about particular products or services than a busy shopping centre. Having face to face conversations is so important to market research and on the whole most people are only too happy to take a break and answer a few questions.

Experiential Marketing Events

Sometimes you just want people to get to know your brand better. That can mean giving out samples or little gifts to help spread the world. Maybe you want to create a buzz and get people talking. Experiential marketing events can work wonders when they’re organised well and located in the right place like a shopping centre.


Retail Stands

More and more retail businesses are looking to develop concession stands in areas like shopping precincts. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established business, it can put you right in front of the customer and improve engagement dramatically. Most shopping centres have some popup or concession stalls that complement the surrounding retail outlets.

UK Wide Locations

Another benefit to using shopping centres as a place to target your audience is that they are easily accessible across the whole of the UK. This means that you can have simultaneous events going on across the UK for a product launch, or only target one part of the country, down to a city or town if you need to. Shopping centres also allow your brand to take a experiential marketing campaign on tour with similar surrounding for each leg, making the logistical element much simpler.

If shopping centre concession stands are part of your brands marketing plan then using the services of a venue sourcing expert like Place Experts will get your brand in the right places for your needs and at the right price for your budget.