How to Create Interactive Experiences with your Brand

Experiential Marketing Ideas

Brands are continually looking for ways to increase customer engagement and so increase sales of their product or service. Engagement is now being understood as the key to brand loyalty, repeat custom and brand trust.

This is true for established brands with lots of bricks and mortar stores, online only companies and also independent company owners who all understand they need to engage with their customers in a face to face way to create the buzz their brand needs to succeed.


Bring Customers In

If you already have a bricks and mortar space on a high street or in a shopping centre with high traffic, then you can use your store to engage further with experiences and activities that your customers are interested in. Here are a few ideas:

· Create Evening Events – for example Fashion Shows, Gallery Openings, tasting events etc. these can bring in new people that had not heard of your brand before.

· Engage with calendar & local events – From Christmas and Valentines to local county shows and local market, engaging and celebrating these events will bring more customers in to you.

· Create a Hub – this can be a specialised hub, for example if you are a bookstore, creating a book club or poetry evening. Or a more general hub, making a space in your store for the community to use as they wish.


Go & Engage with Customers

If you are a brand that needs customer interaction, but you have no fixed place of business, if you only have one shop, store or restaurant and want to reach a much bigger audience, or you are a brand with hundreds of locations, but you are looking to expand your marketing reach, then going out there to the customer is the way forward for you.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of places where you can reach the type of customer you are looking for and our team at Place Experts can help your source the right space at the right price to get your message out there.

Place Experts can help you choose from a range of different options to match your brand with the right space, you can choose from shopping centres or high streets, to more unconventional locations such as, transport hubs or conference centres. Festivals and markets are also excellent opportunities to hone in on your target customer and let them experience your brand offering in a unique and exciting setting.


Create Excellent Experiences

Once you have decided what your plan is for the space you have found, it is then time to ensure the engagement you have with your target customers is always successful. To do this you must create experiences that they will remember for a bigger reach, one they will share with their friends, family and community. Being in the right space will really help this along.  Place Experts secure space at some of the best and busiest festivals and events in the UK. This will showcase your brand or product in an excellent light and makes it easy for your customer to tweet or share pictures of your interaction in a fresh and exciting medium.

Wherever you want to be, or whoever you want to reach Place Experts can make the difference by securing the best spaces for you across the UK.

Rita O'Loughlin